Board of Directors

Our dedicated Board members are the driving force behind the success of DYAA programs. Committed to serving our community, they bring expertise, passion, and leadership to every decision, ensuring that DYAA continues to thrive. With diverse backgrounds and a shared commitment to youth development, our Board members work tirelessly to uphold DYAA’s mission and values. From strategic planning to program oversight, they play a pivotal role in shaping the future of youth athletics in our area.
Position Person
President Patrick Walsh
Vice - President Nathan Ferreira
Secretary Adam Mathes
Treasurer Jim Vieira
Director Bryan Andrade
Director Ryan Flanagan
Director Steve Jones
Director Chris Garth
Director Doug Glassman
Director Ryan Pelland
Director Ken Vincent
Director Craig Snell
Director Erica Morency
Baseball Tee Ball Commissioner Nikkie Cabral
Baseball Instructional League Commissioner Adam Mathes
JL Baseball Commissioner Ken Almeida
LL Baseball Commissioner Chris McLain
Pony Baseball Commissioner Aaron Sorelle
Junior & Little Basketball Commissioner(s) Jason C. Laviolette Ken Almeida
Pony & Colt Basketball Commissioner John Aubertine
Equipment Ken Almeida
CORI Officer Ken Almeida
Groundskeeper Scott Dutra
Concession Stand
Steele Tournament Contact Jim Vieira Chris Garth
DYAA AAU Contact Ken Almeida Chris Valadao
Website Administer Capital House Media